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Automated Crypto Trading

No deposit. Pay only when you make profits.

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No fees

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Pay for what you earn

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No extra fees

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Automated Trading

Choose between a set of pre-built automated trading strategies that help you with optimizing your profits during different market conditions.

Copy Trading

You can copy the trading strategies started by the other users of Yanda. It is an easy and fast way to begin trading any cryptocurrency market.


Increase your trading level by creating or coping strategies to get discounts to buy credits.


Scale the leaderboard with your average profits and monitor the performance of other traders.


Talk to the other traders of Yanda to get insights on how to create or copy successful strategies.

Unlimited Exchanges

You can connect as many exchanges as you want and trade across all of them from Yanda.

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Ultra Secure

Provide API keys with no withdrawal permissions to keep your funds ultra-secure into your exchanges' wallets.

Create Your Strategies

Customize your trading strategies from a simple to use interface that reacts fast and efficiently to market trends.

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LIVE: 227 Trading Strategies Running on Yanda.io

Automated cryptocurrency trading made easy. With Yanda, you can trade automatically across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. You can add crypto exchanges to your Yanda account via API keys generated without withdrawal permissions. Because nobody will be able to touch your funds that stay safe in your digital exchanges, Yanda.io is a safe and secure solution for automated trading with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. There is no subscription fee. To use Yanda, you need to add some credit and pay as you make profits. There is a 20% commission fee to be paid upfront on the profits you score with the crypto trading strategies you start. If the strategy scores fewer profits than expected, the strategy recalculates the fee and reimburse the difference to you. You can share every trading bot you create so that the other traders of Yanda.io can copy your strategy. If someone copies your strategy, he/she will pay the commission fee (explained above) to you. You can copy trading strategies shared by the other users of the platform and visit the profile of each trader of Yanda. Visiting the traders' profiles is a good way to measure the trading profitability of a trader before copying his/her strategies. The more you trade with Yanda, the higher are the chances that your trading profile's level will increase. Yes, you start your journey with Yanda as a Novice Trader, and the more your trade, the more your level will increase so that you can unlock special discounts when adding credit to your Yanda account.

So what are you waiting for? Create an account with Yanda.io now or read our news on the Yanda Blog!