Bloody Bitcoin

Posted by Mario Stumpo on Jan. 7, 2020, 10:43 a.m.—?Newsletter 7Jan 2020

The positive trend continues for the Bitcoin price that reaches $7,863 with a +4.39% during the last 24 hours. What’s the reason for that growth? Many would look at to understand what’s going on.

Is Bitcoin a safe haven?

You can check it yourself, go on, and you’ll find out that the price of the IRR-BTC reached the equivalent of $25,000.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin is a global currency that might help people suffering a war getting some liquidity in case of a massive drop in the price of their local currency. Still, the arbitrage opportunity here is too visible and too “stable” to be considered as a mere inefficiency of the markets. So what’s moving that behind the scene? Are we experiencing a real-life effect of Adam Smith’s invisible hand theory, or we shall start thinking that the lack of a precise regulation allows the big guys to manipulate the cryptocurrency industry?

Both statements might be correct and wrong at the same time, and you should consider our indication as mere speculation that aims to let you research more about this topic and get the most out of this crazy volatile period.

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