The Future is in Your Hands... or Wallets!

Posted by Mario Stumpo on Jan. 18, 2020, 11:10 a.m.

Cryptocurrencies kickstarted 2020 showing just green candles with the Bitcoin heading for $9K and all the other major altcoins following the same path of gaining value over the fiat currencies. 

Many experts see this year as the true year of Bitcoin consecration with a plethora of new infrastructures and applications ready to take over another good slice of the fintech market. 

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Why 2020?

Let's be honest, the end of the ICO boom that caused the burst of the Bitcoin price had a quite long tail, and it took a while before the life of pointless projects was set to an end. Despite that trend, many crypto/blockchain projects that were working as the underdogs will step-in 2020.

The new startups will have the support of a stronger and more reliable ecosystem of facilities that won't let them have headaches about bank accounts shut down, or cryptocurrencies impossible to convert into fiat to pay for AWS, IBM, Google or Microsoft. 

An old-fashioned bull run(?)

Perhaps the Bitcoin price won't spike high so suddenly as it happened in 2017, but we all have great reasons to think that the trend will be a positive one. 

New investors are pouring their money into cryptocurrencies as they are more confident about its liquidity and regulation, shops are starting to accept cryptos as a form of payments, and there are dozens of debit cards ready to let you cash-out your investment in a blink of an eye.

Trading cryptocurrencies is becoming natural for those who invest money into Bitcoin, and automated trading software is all they need to get the best results out of their investments and trading activities.

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