Market Update - Waves

Posted by Matteo Poole on Jan. 11, 2019, 2:40 p.m.

WAVES - Waves

Recent news:

>Waves partners with Wirex, and gets added to its payment infrastructure. With this move Waves hopes to expand in the European market, in particular the UK.

>Waves has raised $120 million in a private funding round for its new project: Vostok. This project is a “universal blockchain solution” that combines its own private blockchain platform, and the Vostok system integrator, a tool for platform development and optimization.

Coin Correlation:

>During the last 30 days the coin (Waves-USD) had a partial correlation of 0.6 with Bitcoin (BTC-USD), that got weaker in the last week at 0.05, showing no correlation whatsoever. This could make it an ideal hedge in your portfolio.

>Waves volatility has been on average around 18% daily, and 259% higher than Bitcoin’s (at 6.93%), making it a more lucrative investment but a riskier one.

TA: (See Graph)

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Written and Edited by - Matteo Poole - Markets and Strategy Analyst at Yanda


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